Real World Solutions

Real World solutions deployed using Omnis Web Client

Please note that we no longer provide a gallery showing live Web Client components or application samples. There are however many real world solutions currently in use that use Omnis Web Client Technology.
Here are some examples:

Arts Management Systems used the Omnis Web Client technology to create an integrated ticketing and CRM solution which is used in top entertainment venues in North America with over $600m combined annual ticket sales.   More info »


comTeam used Omnis Web Client to create their'BestBuyOnline' web application, used by Europe's leading alliance of consumer electronics and electrical retailers.    More info »


PWS Distributors, a leading UK trade distributor of kitchen components to trade customers, built a product catalog and sales order system using Omnis Web Client.   More info »


Webpyramid is the first web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in Italy to be developed using the Omnis Web Client technology.
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The International Education and Training Corporation (IETC) use Omnis Studio "Ultra-thin Client" technology to run their FieldLink application which collects and analyses data for an African scholarship program.
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For further information on Omnis Web Client Techologies and for examples of real world solutions that have been implemented using Web Client, please click to view or download our Omnis Web Client Technologies White Paper.