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Conferences play a vital role in the Omnis Developer community, these enable developers and businesses to come together to share, learn and connect. The DLA Group proudly supports the International Omnis Conferences and locally organises the OzOmnis Conference and DLA Omnis Roadshows.

DLA Omnis Roadshow

The DLA Group hosts an annual single day event in the major cities of Australia and New Zealand.

These are free events and are designed to both inform and liaise with our clients, discuss their needs and also announce new products and initiatives.


EurOmnis also organises an annual International Omnis Developers’ Conference although solely in Europe.

For more information and updates please visit the EurOmnis web site by clicking here

OzOmnis        OzOmnis

OzOmnis is the Australian Omnis Developers’ Conference.

OzOmnis gives Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian developers the opportunity to meet face to face to exchange experiences, develop new ideas, and to dissect the latest developments in the Omnis world. Amongst the merry melodies and the hard-core Omnis coding sessions, attendees also get the opportunity to interact with International delegates and speakers as well as our senior UK based Omnis development team. OzOmnis is a 3-day residential conference and is usually based in Sydney. The format and structure of this event mandates that the attendees reside at the venue so they get the most out of this conference.

For more information and updates please visit the OzOmnis web site by clicking here.

German, French, Italian and Spanish Omnis Conferences

Our offices in Germany, France, Italy and Spain run several smaller native language conferences and user groups. Please contact DLA for more information.