The Education Hub

The DLA Group is actively involved with Omnis Software and the Omnis Developer Community to develop and promote various education programmes around the world.

Omnis Academy

The latest of these developments is The Omnis Academy which provides expert training either online or in the classroom, completely free of charge.

TAFE initiative

The DLA Group and the South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE in Padstow, Sydney have established a joint Omnis
Software teaching programme. To read about the The DLA Group’s TAFE initiative, and find out information on how to obtain Omnis Skills at TAFE please click here.

If you are an Omnis newbie, veteran (local or international) or a recent TAFE graduate, and you would like your details kept on file for the sole purpose of offering your services and expertise to our clients, then register your details with DLA. Please click here to register.

Third-party Resources

Here are some more links to 3rd party sites that offer Omnis education materials and/or resources to enhance your skills in Omnis Studio. Please visit these sites and support them so that they can continue to contribute to the Omnis Developer Community.

Third-Party Resources, offering conferences, training, technical tips, forums and more…
3rdparty_thumb OMNIS Webinars

OMNIS Webinars are designed to teach you more about OMNIS Studio, whatever your level of OMNIS knowledge.

The Webinars are hosted on Webex and are available to anyone, FREE of charge. The Webinars are available in English and German, on various different topics.

Please click here for further information regarding Webinars.

3rdparty_thumb Omnis-Dev

As with any software development tool, you would expect there to be a thriving developer community and Omnis is no exception. The real focus of the Omnis developer community is an email list, which the community runs itself for all Omnis developers old and new. The new mailing lists are provided (in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) and available at:, where you can sign-up and browse the archive, which has over 140,000 messages going back to 1995, a very useful resource.

Please click here for more details.

3rdparty_thumb Omnis Video Library

Learn from Omnis developers how to build successful cross-platform applications utilizing the latest features of Omnis Studio. Omnis developers and Omnis Software's engineering team share their knowledge and application building skills to help you take advantage of Omnis Studio's next generation development environment.

Please click here for more details.